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Wholesale CBD Mother Hemp Clones As a grower you’ve gotta ask yourself some difficult questions, not least of which is where and how to get started. When it comes to growing pure perfection you can’t go wrong with a CBD-rich hemp mother clone.

If you don’t want your home business to go to pot you’ll want to obtain a true hemp paragon. That’s where we come in. Kush king has made it our mission to develop the hemp products of the Future.

At our cutting edge facilities we have spent years on Research and Development, carefully collecting current data and pooling our resources to produce exceptional cultivars. Working in tandem with our partners in the great state of Oregon, we have come up with applications that make the manufacturing of distinctive strains possible.



To put it simply mother plants are a perpetually sustainable source for your favorite high-CBD hemp strain. These clones are produced by replicating mother plants of the most astonishing phenotype and artfully recreated by our in-house breeders.

Wholesale CBD Mother Hemp Clones are an exemplary choice for customers because you can yield an endless supply of plants from its cuttings. Possessing plants of uniform size and height simultaneously makes it a breeze for just about anybody to become a success story.

Remember, a healthy stock ensures excellent futures that are all but guaranteed when your clones are grown in identical conditions across a vast acreage.


Our wholesale pricing makes purchasing a hemp mother clone a no-brainer. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to achieve clones that match the dynamic features of our favorite discoveries. Our CBD hemp mother clones are grown in the ideal environment using aeroponic sprayers to optimize dissolved oxygen.

Since we use internet monitoring to control our equipment and maximize exposure time, our growing period is shorter than most and regular rotation means that we are always making room for new clones. It is this fast turnaround that affords us the opportunity to offer our hemp mother clones for less than our competition.

Why waste money dealing with some greedy broker when you can buy direct?

We are available around the clock to discuss all sales and pricing inquiries.

Buy bulk CBD wholesale from us and we’re bound to become best buds.


25($100/ each), 50($100/ each), 100($90/ each), 250($80/ each), 500($70/ each), 1000($50/ each)


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