“OG Kush” Hemp Flowers (+23% CBD)


Our Legal CBD flowers are derived from the highest quality hemp strains. They are bred specifically to yield high CBD and low THC contents.

This is one of our Premium CBD flowers.
Flavours: Kush, diesel, earthy.
Trim: Large buds, dense and sticky.
Effect: Uplifting and calming.

These CBD flowers are hemp derivednon-psychotoxic,THC-free*

CBD Content: 23%

THC: < 0.2%

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“OG Kush” Hemp Flowers (+23% CBD) .It is quite possible that ‘OG Kush’ sounds familiar to you. The name is well known even outside of the world of cannabis. But even though OG Kush it’s fame, the exact origin of the strain remains a mystery. Some claim that OG Kush is a mix between a hardy Hindu Kush Landrace and a staple Chemdawg. Others claim that the strain has originated from a bag seed that was undocumented as a specific phenotype of some other already existing strain. Even the definition of the name is being disputed. The ‘OG’ had alternately stand for: ‘original gangster’, which emphasizes it’s status as an old-school and original building block strain. As ‘ocean grown’ emphasizing on the region were it all began (California coast), and even the OverGrown website which was a cannabis bible to many growers.

“OG Kush” Hemp Flowers (+23% CBD) . As it’s composition in THC is always consistent around < 0,02% and 16,89% CBD. OG Kush has a dense, indica– like composition with medium to large nugget-like buds. The color makeup is a yellowish green, with traces of purple. This beautiful combination of color is because of anthocyanin pigments which, for the matter of fact, can be activated by cold weather. The vibrant orange pistils, (which are there for catching pollen from male plants), really stand out against these vibrant CBD flowers.

The OG Kush’s buds are generously covered in thick silvery-white trichomes and make them very sticky to the touch. Because of this, we do recommend that you use a grinder if you want to use this strain for a joint or a pipe. When the buds are properly cured, you will receive notes of earthy, muskyness with top notes of citrusy brightness. The overal scent experience will remind you of hoppy craft beer. Upon burning if breaking open the buds, you will experience more of a pine-like odor. The OG Kush smoke is thick, harsh and can induce coughing. It can sting the sinuses and cause your eyes to water. You can compare the smoke taste with hash and spice like a classic indica during inhaling and exhaling. The pungent funk may last a period after finishing the joint. For those who want to be discreet upon smoking, taking the proper precautions is recommended.

Indoor and Outdoor

“OG Kush” Hemp Flowers (+23% CBD) is that it can be grown indoors and outdoors. However, if you’d want to cultivate the strain outdoors, the temperature needs to be consistent around 75 Fahrenheid (23 degrees). Most growers prefer the indoors as it is more convenient. The plants are short and bushy and will grow within 9 weeks if it is grown indoors. If you are a discrete user of CBD flowers, it is advisable to take measures against the smell and smoke as OG Kush can be quite pungent. OG Kush is an overall great stain, so it’s popularity is not surprising at all. It is one of the building blocks in the world of CBD flowers, and we love it!

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