High CBD Hemp Clones


Min. 50 Units

Hemp clones for sale testing at 12% CBD <0.3% THC. Field tested, CDA approved

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Offering High CBD Hemp Clones. We have thousands rooted and available for sale.
Minimum order 50, discounts for orders over 1000

High CBD, tested in snowy and freezing conditions with success.

We also offer consulting on best growing practices for these strains.

Get your mother block ready for spring planting!

Looking to launch your hemp farm this year, but don’t know the BEST way to get started?  The easiest and most efficient route to becoming a high-producing farmer is by purchasing wholesale top-quality hemp clones from trusted legal sources. Getting access to medical-grade strains before other farms in your area is critical to positioning your grow-op as a contender in the industry.

So instead of waiting for seeds to germinate, sprout into seedlings, and get big enough to identify each plant’s gender, pre-purchasing clones allow you to skip weeks ahead of the process, and yield high returns come harvest season. Stock your farm full of healthy strains from one of our many certified nurseries today!

Growing hemp is a lot like growing tomatoes and poinsettias—but it’s not entirely the same. As a dioecious plant that doesn’t self-pollinate, there is a certain learning curve to mastering hemp production that makes it unique. That’s what the team at Greenhouse Growing System (GGS) in Lochbuie, Colorado, learned when the operation started growing clones for hemp production in 2015.

The 110,000-square-foot greenhouse operation is leveraging its mainstream experience with more than 50 years of agricultural greenhouse production to produce organic hemp clones and indoor flower for CBD extraction, and to partner with new farmers to provide technical farming support. GGS is investing in new technology and infrastructure to ensure sustainable and efficient production, and its research and development team is building out a new source for high-CBD varieties and reliable, feminized seed.

GGS was founded in 2015 as one of three independent businesses led by CEO Alex Seleznov. Within a year, the firm became part of the now vertically integrated company Advanced Extraction. Since then, GGS has seen exponential growth of hemp production in Colorado and beyond.




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