High CBD Hemp Clones 7-9% CBD


Min. 5000 Units


Should yield around 9% CBD. Grown last year as well. Two phenotypes available. $4 per clone, minimum 5,000. Recommended 1500 per acre. Delivered in trays of 50, rooted in cloning plugs.

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High CBD Hemp Clones 7-9% CBD. We have thousands rooted and available for sale.
Minimum order 50, discounts for orders over 1000

High CBD, tested in snowy and freezing conditions with success.

We also offer consulting on best growing practices for these strains.

Get your mother block ready for spring planting!

Industrial hemp is generally grown for: seed, fiber or floral materials (CBD/cannabinoids). Here at Greenman Gardens we specialize in the production of floral material starting from clones.

What is a mother plant?

A mother plant is a female plant of proven, top quality genetics that has been hand-selected for the purposes of producing clones with the exact genetic makeup as the mother itself.

What is a clone?

A clone is a cutting taken from a mother plant and rooted, becoming an exact genetic replica of its mother. Growers seeking superior quality and consistency in their harvest often prefer clones (over seeds) so they can be assured that all of their plants are female, thus preventing the risk from cross-pollination within their grow. Other benefits include the shape of the plant that clones provide (out and wide rather than straight up and skinny), which in turn produces a more fruitful harvest as well as the assurance that a good provider has purposefully selected the best phenotypes of a variety to establish his or her mother stock.

How can hemp be grown for floral material?

High CBD Hemp Clones 7-9% CBD  grown for floral material can be grown from clones or from seed. While hemp grown for floral material requires light, water, and nutrients, it is not as easy as it may seem to produce quality, cannabinoid-rich hemp flower. Ensuring only females are planted is crucial to overall yield and value. Other organic measures should also be considered in order to control pests, disease and weeds.

Why clones and not seeds?

• Cloning ensures the female sex of the plant required to produce floral material. Seeds (feminized included), on the other hand, will yield both male and female plants.
• Male hemp plants not only fail to produce floral material, but for reproductive purposes, male plants also pollinate their neighboring female plants, significantly deteriorating yields and the overall quality of the female’s production. Clones produced from female mothers guarantee no male plants.
• Clones produce structurally different plants than seeds that grow out and wide rather than straight up and skinny. This structure will produce better and more numerous flowers on the plant, leading to a more fruitful harvest.
• Sourcing clones from a quality provider ensures the best phenotypes have been thoughtfully and purposefully selected to establish their mother stock, meaning that you are investing in plants with superior genetics in comparison to the alternative(s).
• In conclusion, if you want seedy flower/bud, start with seeds. If you want high-quality sensimilla (seedless flower) with a much larger yield and higher concentration of cannabinoids, starting with clones is your best option.

What We Provide to Growers…

Greenman Gardens propagates and grows premium quality floral-producing plants for those farmers that put quality and yield above all else. We produce clones from select varieties that we have chosen for various reasons, most importantly their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. From the beginning, Greenman Gardens has worked to obtain top quality genetics that are optimal for floral production. We are continuously cycling in additional mother plants in order to strengthen each variety we sell. Our goals are simple:
1. Unbeatable service
2. Premium quality
3. Competitive pricing
If you are interested in growing hemp, in the market for clones or mother plants, or just have a question about what it is we do, feel free to give us a call or send us a message!



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