Harlequin CBD Hemp Flower


We have excellent Harlequin CBD Hemp Flower for you to use as Medication or for recreational purposes .




As you’d expect, Harlequin CBD Hemp Flower will provide you with the most fruity ambience. A great tasting strain of hemp that presents a truly tropical and energizing experience, perfect for putting a spring in your step and assisting you in your daily tasks.

This tropical hybrid strain has slightly lower levels of CBD than our other strains making it ideal for lighter CBD users, or indeed more frequent joint smokers. A thoroughly enjoyable smokable flower which will set you up well for social events, or help to kick-start your day.

While the Hawaiian Haze hemp plant may grow more slowly than other varieties, it won’t waste any time in making an impression on anyone that has the pleasure of smoking it.

Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower


Harlequin CBD Hemp Flower has beautifully presented flowers. Small to medium-sized, almost perfectly round bud nodules, in what can only be described as classic cannabis-green. Russet-red hairs sprout amidst the faintest tinge of lavender with a smattering of crystals that really dominste.


Hawaiian Haze has a distinctive aroma that will transport you straight off to an island paradise on some long forgotten holiday. Grind it up to release a sharp burst of pineapple and lemon which finishes with the sweet smell of flowers.


As expected, this strain tastes like a tropically-themed wellness party in your mouth, as all of the aromas pull through to the tastebuds as they do to the nose. Sweet floral notes follow pungant tropical fruits, like pineapple and mango, in an earthy, slightly peppery backdrop.

Genetics & Heritage

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is a crossbreed between Hawaiian and Haze.

Dominant Terpenes

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