Cherry Wine Seeds (Unfeminized)


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  • Our hemp seeds have been grown outdoors in the state of Colorado for four (4) successful growing seasons
  • The seeds have been registered by the Colorado State Department of Agriculture
  • The seeds are Colorado cultivated under USDA regulations
  • The seeds have been certified for germination, dormancy, variety, and CBD potency
  • Each year for the past four (4) years, the plants have tested successfully at less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC
  • If grown correctly, they will produce between 12% to 14% CBD
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Our hemp seeds are a hybrid from the original Cherry Wine Seeds (Unfeminized). They have a 95% germination and are essentially weed free (99.9%). This variety is “THE” in demand variety for producing excellent terpenes, exceptional flavonoids, and high amounts of CBD with very little THC. The seeds are non-feminized, so it is recommended to seed clones first only planting females, or over plant and remove the male plants throughout the growing season.

Average female:male ratio is 73:27. There is no cross-pollination contamination of this seed stock.

Cherry Wine x (Cherry Wine F1 x Cherry Wine F1)

Cherry Wine is arguably the most flavorful and aromatic high CBD cultivar in existence. This incredible cross of The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries combines all the powerful CBD properties from both parents and twists them into this marvelous cultivar that has more flavor and aroma than either parent alone. Backcrossing this varietal to itself for the Cherry Wine Seeds (Unfeminized) line will most definitely be something special. As the popularity of high CBD crosses continues to explode across the United States and around the world, you will not want to miss your chance to add this cross to your garden or cannabis seeds collection.

Up To 25% CBD

Cherry Wine was bred by Bodhi of Tree of Life Seeds when he crossed 303 Seeds famous CBD cut of The Wife to his Charlotte’s Cherries male. The Wife was one of the first truly dominant CBD cultivars to be selected for having zero THC and extremely high amounts of CBD. The Wife, known for having no THC, testes upwards of 25% CBD and unlike field hemp, produces nice resin-soaked buds. These CBD seeds are some of the best you can buy!

Cherries, Cherries, Cherry Wine!

Charlotte’s Cherries is the male used in the Cherry Wine seeds line and is a cross of the Stanley Brother’s world-famous CBD cut Charlotte’s Web (R4) and Colorado Cherry, a flavorful hemp cultivar. Charlotte’s Web changed how the world views Cannabis and CBD when Charlotte Fifi, a young child began using its extract to help fight her battle with a rare form of epilepsy. Charlotte, who had been fighting epileptic seizures since she was 3 months old went from having hundreds of seizures a week to zero. As news spread of this miraculous breakthrough, CBD as a medicine became a reality. The flavor of this CBD rich varietal is floral with notes of pine and cherries. This is a great option for anyone looking for a high CBD cultivar with no THC. Cherry Wine is great for helping reduce inflammation, reducing pain, aiding in a good night’s rest, activating appetite, and much more.

Best CBD Seeds

This Cherry Wine F2 release is a must-have for any cannabis or hemp cultivator. This is one of those crosses you will simply regret not having if you miss the opportunity. Bringing together lineage from the most powerful and popular CBD varietals in the world to create the Cherry Wine F2. This cross is sure to deliver a synergetic fusion from its parents that only produces more high CBD phenotypes with deeper flavors and more diverse effects. In a time where CBD is absolutely exploding in popularity, you will want to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this cross to your garden.

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