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Banana Punch | Linda Seeds

Banana OG and Purple Punch make the mix of the Banana Punch Strain

BANANA PUNCH STRAIN marijuana seeds by Linda Seeds are among the top hybrid strains with a very high THC content. This plant breeding is the result of a lengthy optimization process and is already a very popular marijuana in the USA. The Banana Punch strain cannabis seeds originated from the crossing of the legendary Banana OG and Purple Punch strain. Their flowers are covered in sticky resin crystals that sometimes smell like ripe bananas with a hint of pineapple. The name is therefore not chosen by chance.

Banana punch refinement: up to 25% THC at medium height and good yield

Our crossing is particularly captivating because of its potency. With a THC content of 23 to 25%, our Banana Punsch strain ranks among the elite of the most powerful cannabis plants. The CBD content only played a minor role in the breeding of the strain and is therefore rather low. The cannabis plant blooms in a period of 8-10 weeks depending on the specimen and the light used, becomes medium-sized and yields good yields of very potent marijuana. Far red is working very well with this strain for reducing flowering time. Due to the Kush genes BananaPunch can occasionally show purple tones in the flowers, so it is also an optically attractive appearance.
As with all our breeds, Linda-Seeds has made sure that the breeding goal is an absolute added value for our customers.
So if you just want to switch off, the Banana Punch Strain is the right choice for you. Its effect is massively relaxing!
This is a great plant, but also, it is very strange, if you read this before you grow, it will save you some headaches, and probably some seeds. First, this easily ties anything I have ever grown, it’s great, if you are asking if you should buy this, yes, you should. Here are the unique to this strain problems I encountered. : I lost 2 of the 3 seeds, they suicided, and popped out of the ground. I planted the third a little bit deeper than normal and it was fine, I strongly suggest you do the same. They also popped faster than any seed I have ever seen. I don’t know if they were fresh or its just the strain, but I planted one in the morning, and it had just started to pop when I went to bed. So check them frequently. Mine also seeded out, the only plant I ever had to do it. This could be on me, but I had plenty of other plants of similar age right next to it that were fine. Since I lost 2 seeds, I will take that as a win
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