Catatonic (MK Ultra x G13 Haze)  X AC/DC X Otto II


11.14% CBD (Depending on time of harvest and climate variables)  

<0.3% THC  (Depending on time of harvest and climate variables)


10-12 Weeks Indoor.  

November 1-15 Outdoor.

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Can you say easy to grow.  AC/DC X OTTO II​ is a hybrid ten week finisher that should be a staple in every hemp growers seed bank.  The genetics were bred for CBD production, vigorous plant growth that results in higher yields and reliability.   A beautiful frost laden Catatonic Female was crossed with a vigorous fast growing ACDC Male.  

Both the Catatonic and ACDC cannabis strains are infamous for medicinal properties associated with CBD production.  The Catatonic female was selected for its heavy flower structure, mild earthy almost citrus aroma, High CBD compound content, and vigorous plant growth.  The ACDC male was selected for Vigor and high CBD production.  

AC/DC X OTTO II​ Female was then crossed with a an Otto II Male.  The Otto II plant is know for high CBD content, large heavy buds with fast vigorous growth, and large plant size.   Plants grown from these seeds are very hardy and thrive in harsh conditions requiring very little fertilizer, they are drought resistant, they have resistance to pest, and are very mold resistant.  This plant has the potential to be 10′ tall by 10′ wide, and if grown too large will require trellising.  In 2018, plants were harvested in weeks 9 through 12 of flower with THC levels ranging from Non-detectable to .3% THC.      Planted on 3′ centers, ACDC X Otto II averaged 2,500 pounds of dry whole plant material per acre in 2018.

This is a cross of two high CBD – low THC strains. ACDC is a pheno from Cannatonic that shows only 22:1 CBD to THC ratio as opposed to Cannatonic that will have only 50% show the high CBD-trait. Otto II (F3) is a hardy sativa plant. There are some phenotypes that flower and finish with a little variation, but all of them express high CBD and very low THC content. This is a great strain for those who wish very little THC, but also this is a great herb to mix into your favorite THC-strain for a little more meallow buzz.

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